1.What is Final Certificaton Data Capture in PACS? #

The Final Certification Data Capture in PACS will allow the user to take a snapshot of data for each active property in the current appraisal year. This dataset will primarily be used by the Property Appraiser’s office to do one final DOR Report Submission to the state for a given year.  This process is typically run once per year after the New Appraisal Year has been created and after numerous roll corrections have been processed.

2.Capture Data #


Capture Data for Final Certification



  1.  Go to Activities->Administration > Final Certification->Capture Data
  2. This will render dialog box so that user can choose:
    • Year
    • Roll Correction #
  3. Click Data Capture
    • Note:  If a Data Capture was previously performed, a notification will occur asking the user if they wish to overwrite.  



Data capture (snapshot) as of Final Certification is created and is available for state reporting.



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