1.Configure Distribute Value Reason #


User may configure system to require a reason of why value was distributed.


  1. In PACS Application menu, select Tools>System Configuration
  2. Select the Category = Systems; then go to Distribute Values
  3. Set Require Distribute Value Reason to True


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Last updated on April 23, 2019

2.Create Distribute Value Reason Code #


Create Distribute Value Reason Codes in order for user to track why distribute value was used.


  1. Browse to Tools>Code Maintenance
  2. Under Property, open details for Distribute Value Reason Code
  3. To add new Code, click add (green plus)
  4. Enter Code and description
  5. Click Save
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Last updated on April 24, 2019

3.Distributing Values #


Use this procedure to distribute values.  With this feature, user may override the current system value without losing other valuation methods.


In order to perform this procedure, the following user right is required:  Property>Edit Property>Value Summary>Distribute Value


  1. Open a property record.
  2. Expand the Values panel and click Distribute Value
  3. In the Value to Distribute field in the Distribute Value dialog box, enter the amount to be distributed
  4. In the Segment Information section, select the segment to which the value is to be distributed.  The options are below
    1. Distribute Manually – allows user to distribute the value amount to each segment.  The amounts entered must total to the Distribute Value entered in step 3.
    2. Distribute Zero Value – distributes a segment with zero value for personal property records that are recorded as zero value in protest processing
    3. Distribute Value Proportionally – Distributes percentage of value based on current percentage of value existing
    4. Distribute Value – Retain Land Value – Distributes the value minus Land Value.  Retains the land value and distributes the remaining value to the improvements by percentage
    5. Distribute, Set Land, % Improvement – distributes the value by percentage to the segments other than the land, and allows user to enter the land value in the New Land Value field.
  5. If a reason is required, choose a reason from the Reason drop down list
  6. Click Distribute

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Last updated on June 4, 2021
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