1.What is Certification in PACS? #

The Certification process in PACS allows to finalize the year.  Once the year moves into a certification state the user is required to “roll correct” a property in order to make a change. 

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Last updated on September 4, 2021

2.Prerequisites for Certification #

Backup of Data

Ensure that you have a good backup before you begin your process. While it is not anticipated that you will have issues, it is a highly recommended best practice to back up your data before any major tax event.

Please visit with your internal IT to have this completed. If you have an IT Services Contract with Harris Govern, please notify our IT Support Team by entering a TeamSupport ticket and/or call the IT Support Team.

Verify the PACS Version

Before running a major tax calendar event, in many case, we require you to be on a specific version to ensure you have the correct legislative changes. To verify that the newest PACS is loaded, click the PACS Application button and choose Help>About. This will list the current PACS version.

PACS Mobile

All PACS Mobile clients shall notify support before continuing with the certification process. Please note that client should NOT MOVE FORWARD with certifying the roll until this step is fully completed.

At a minimum, the following must occur:

    • Pending Changes Marked as Complete:  These must be QC ‘Approved’ OR, if the changes are not wanted in PACS, ‘Reject’ the accounts individually or in bulk.
    • CAUTION: Pending Changes 24 + Hrs:   These Must be ‘Marked as Complete’ and QC ‘Approved’, OR they may be set as ‘Reviewed’ in Bulk and then ‘Rejected’ if none of the changes are wanted in PACS.
    • CAUTION: Unsynced Changes (Approved):  If accounts are in this list, please notify Support in order to help sync these accounts to PACS.
    • Sync Failed = Yes:  If there are any results returned in this filter, please enter a ticket with the title ‘Certification – Sync Failed account(s)’.

Important: If there are any Sync Failed accounts, notify support. You ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT certify with sync failed properties.

      • If you’ve been transferred to DCS Support to support the mobile application, please open a FreshDesk with Data Cloud Solutions.
      • If you have not been transferred to DCS Support to suppor the mobile application, please open a TeamSupport ticket with Harris Govern.

Recalculating the Properties

Browse to the PACS Action button>Activities > Mass Maintenance (Property) > Mass Recalculation to recalculate all properties.

Resolve any recalculation errors before continuing. You can use the Recalculation Error report (Reports > Recalculation Errors Report) as a reference.

Note: You may need to complete this step multiple times. Recalculating properties should be completed after making any value changes in your roll.

Recalculation Error Report

To review the properties that have the Recalculation Errors, browse to PACS Action Button>Reports>Recalculation Error Report.

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Last updated on January 13, 2022

3.DORM DR422 - Certification of Final Taxable Value #


The purpose of this form is to request final millage rates from taxing authorities


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Reports>DOR>DR-422
  • Enter selection criteria including Return Date and Time

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Last updated on September 25, 2021

4.Set Certified Millage #


Update Certified Millage rates for each Taxing Authority


  • In Search Panel > Chose Taxing Authority

  • Select Taxing Authority and update the Certified Rate

  • Press SAVE icon at the top of the screen
  • Repeat steps 2 & 3 for each Taxing Authority

NOTE: Certified rates CANNOT be modified after running Roll Certification

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Last updated on September 25, 2021

5.Running the PACS Certification Process #


Use this procedures to certify property values in PACS.

This process recalculates property values and locks the property information for the year you certify. Once you have certified values, all changes or corrections that are required in the certified year will have to be entered by using the supplement features.


  • In PACS Application menu, choose Activities>Administration>Certification>Certify System.

  • If the Certify Wizard dialog box indicates that there are errors, do the following:
    • Click on Recalculation Errors Report to generate the Property Recalculation Error Report (shown below), which lists the errors.
    • Review the Error messages and correct the errors as required before proceeding

Note: Correcting the errors is not required to run the certification procedures, however, we highly recommend doing so.

  • In the Certify Wizard window dialog box, click Certify
  • User will be prompted with a window that asks if you are sure you want to proceed

  • Click Yes to Proceed or No to cancel the procedure. If user selects Yes, the certification process will run

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Last updated on September 25, 2021

6.Undoing a System Certification #


Use this procedure if user needs to undo the system certification carried out with the Certify System activity and make corrections to your data.

NOTE:  It is important to understand that you CANNOT undo a certification if the New Year Layer has been created. If user finds themselves in this situation, please contact support.


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Activities>Administration>Certification>Undo Certify System
  • User is prompted to confirm if they want to undo the certification for the appraisal year.
  • Click OK to proceed.
  • The Certification is undone.
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Last updated on November 14, 2018

7.Generate DOR 403 Report #


Provide certified values to Department of Revenue and Tax Collector


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Reports>DOR>DOR-403
  • Complete the appropriate criteria and click Post or Preview.

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Last updated on September 25, 2021

8.Appraisal Export to Tax Collector #


The purpose of the Appraisal Export is to provide data to the Tax Collector


  • In PACS Application Menu, choose Export>Appraisal Export.
  • Complete the appropriate criteria and click Export.

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Last updated on September 25, 2021
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