We are here to ensure you have a positive customer experience!

We provide technical support to assist customers in the use and understanding of all PACS products.  Both internet-based and phone support is available to our customers Monday through Friday (excluding Holidays), 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We have a separate business phone line and support phone line so we may direct you QUICKLY to your desired party.

Please use the business line at 972-881-1858, if you have a:

  • Training request
  • Sales/quote request
  • Implementation/project update
  • Speak to an Executive
  • Dial the Operator

There are two ways to contact Support:

Team Support – Harris Govern uses a tool called TeamSupport to track support requests.  This tool also has chat features integrated so you may chat with a support specialist.   Please click the link below to log in to your TeamSupport account.

Support Phone Line  – To contact support, call 972-265-7300 and select 1 for Support. This will connect you to an available support representative. If you leave a message in the Support Voice Mail, this will automatically create a TeamSupport ticket for you. If you desire to speak to a specific support representative, please review the list below:

  • Angela Keeton, VP Support ext. 77200
  • Randy Sprouse, Support Manager ext. 77216
  • Ryan Ramsey, Systems Manager ext. 77218
  • Amy Hill, Support ext. 77223
  • Ashley de Villeneuve Reed, Support ext. 77222
  • Ashlee Peeler, Support, ext 77224
  • Becky Oliver, Support ext. 77205
  • Brandon Hartwell, Support ext. 77283
  • Cornelius McCune, Support ext. 77209
  • Essie Flowers, Support ext. 77211
  • Jason Hunter, Support ext. 77255
  • Bryan Lloyd, Systems ext. 77295
  • Michelle Ortiz, Support ext. 77214
  • Roger Sha, Systems ext. 77293
  • Roy Holcomb, Support ext. 77217
  • Steve Ahrens, Support ext. 77220
  • Suzanne White, Support ext. 77281
  • Virginia Jackson, Support ext. 77221