1.What is a Canceled or Removed Exemption Notice? #

As per Legislation introduced as of January 1, 2020, under 25.193:

By April 1 or as soon thereafter as practicable if the property is a single-family residence that qualifies for an exemption under Section 11.13, or by May 1 or as soon thereafter as practicable in connection with residential property that does not qualify for an exemption under Section 11.13, deliver a clear and understandable written notice to a property owner if an exemption or partial exemption that was approved for the preceding year was canceled or reduced for the current year

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Last updated on February 11, 2020

2.Canceled Exemption Notice Maintenance #


Create a run to identify properties that are eligible for the Canceled or Reduced Exemption Notice.


  • Activities>Appraisal Notice>Canceled Exemption Notice Maintenance
    • This will render the Canceled Exemption Notice menu option
  • Right click on the menu to see the new menu items:
    • New Canceled Exemption Notice Selection – will select properties from the current un-certified year where an exemption existed on the property for the prior year or part of the prior year and where the exemption amount is reduced or removed for the current year.  Choose this option to create a new run
    • Undo Canceled Exemption Notice Selection – this option will undo the run
    • Print Canceled Exemption Notices – this option will print canceled notices
    • Print Canceled Exemption Notice Listing – this option will print the canceled exemption notice listing
    • Publish Canceled Exemption Notices [allowed with required system configuration]
    • Refresh – refresh screen
  • Options include exemption type selection
    • NOTE:  Select Exemption codes to include in the process which represent residence homestead properties or to exclude percentage granted exemptions (where the percentage does not change)
    • Click Create.  This will generate the run
  • Options to exclude entites
    • NOTE:  This option is used if the entity would like to exclude entities such as the CAD entity.
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Last updated on October 8, 2021

5.Publishing Notice through Online Portal #


If you system is configured to allow publishing notices, printed or exported notices can then be published to the online portal.  


  • To configure the system to publish
    • Request through TeamSupport that the new Canceled Exemption publish option be enabled
    • Set the following two New Event Objects location:
      • Tools>Event Object Maintenance>Server/File Location
        • Event objects location of ‘CENOTICE’ is the file folder to store backup of published Canceled Exemption Notices.
        • Event object location of ‘PUBLISHCE’ is the file folder for published Canceled Exemption Notices
    • Confirm Postscript printer is set up through Tools>Machine Settings>Set Postscript Printer
  • Once configured, user is ready to publish
    • The publish option is ONLY available when:
      • The system function is enabled 
      • The run has been printed
    • Through Activities>Appraisal Notice>Canceled Exemption Notice Maintenance, right click menu and choose Publish Canceled Exemption Notices
      • With Active Agreement – print owners where requested and maintained on the owner account electronic communication tab in PACS
      • All Notices – this will print for all notices regardless if taxpayer agreement exists


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Last updated on February 11, 2020
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